Sunbathing Birds at Zealandia

This Summer hasn’t been the best in Wellington so far, but a sunny (and wind-less) day finally presented itself so I grabbed the chance to go to Zealandia to see my favourite birds while the sun was shining.

The birds must have been craving the sun too because I came across a few Robins sunbathing, this little guy was even sunning his wing…


There are still a few young birds around like this Tui, they look so indistinguishable without their signature white feathers on their neck. This young one was quite close to the walking track, hopping from branch to branch.



This little Robin followed its dad around for ages begging him to share some food, hopefully he caved in the end because the little one wasn’t going to give up!

I find Saddlebacks really hard to get decent photos of, especially because like Robins they tend to favour damper, darker areas of the bush, they’re usually fossicking around in the foliage on the forest floor or you’ll find them hacking away at a tree trying to get grubs. This isn’t the best shot in the world, but the best I could get on the day! 


As always the view from the top of the Dam is stunning, it really is such a wonderful peaceful place, my favourite place in Wellington for sure. I’m so lucky to live only 20 minutes walk away. Fingers crossed for some better weather so I can go back a few more times before Summer’s over!



About bird plus bird

I'm a self-professed bird nerd, designer, printmaker and photographer amongst other things. I started The Paperbird Society as a creative outlet to combine my favourite things; printmaking, screen printing, photography, papergoods and birds! I live in Wellington, New Zealand, not far from Zealandia, a native bird and wildlife sanctuary. I love watching the bird life in my backyard, I have a couple of nectar feeders that everyday feeds dozens of Waxeyes, Tui, a few Bellbirds and several Kaka. I especially love visiting bird sanctuaries and seeing rare birds that most people don't get to see very often.

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